Already the 10th-largest economy and soon to be the fifth in the world, Brazil has undoubtedly arrived on the world stage. Not only is its population rising by approximately 2 million people a year, but the inexorable shift toward mass urbanization continues unabated. United Nations estimates predict that by 2015, 33 million of Brazil’s total projected population of 210 million will live in two mega cities, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.

To help facilitate the communication necessary to maintain the momentum generated by Programa de Aceleração do Crescimento (PAC 2), Faircount organized a special expo-forum held in Rio de Janeiro between May 26 and 27, 2011.

AccelerateBrazil was designed to stimulate the vast range of infrastructure based investment and project opportunities associated with the PAC 2 programme. As such, it brought together key decision-makers from across both the public and private sectors.


Government/Public sector

  • Network with your peers in the government and public sectors
  • Stay informed of government investment priorities / latest developments / initiatives, etc.
  • Exchange ideas and develop mutually beneficial action-plans
  • Meet key contractors, suppliers and service providers under one roof, enabling maximum efficiency and savings in purchasing decisions
  • Investigate and identify outsourcing / co-funding / PPP opportunities

Private sector

  • Network with peers in the supplier/contractor community
  • Stay informed of government investment priorities / latest developments / initiatives
  • Identify infrastructure based opportunities
  • Initiate negotiations to procure contracts with government and public sector project chiefs, key contractors, master developers
  • Meet industry counterparts, facilitators, finance providers 



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