Faircount Media Group

Our designers, writers, marketers and developers create customized content presented in reader engaging print and digital formats to build strong connections between you and your customers


A custom publication is one of the best and most direct ways to connect with your customers, clients, members, and prospects. Our in-house team has the expertise, professionalism, and contacts within major industry sectors to produce a custom publication tailored precisely to fit your message and marketing plans.

This is how we do it:

Editorial Content Direction – Content strategy comes first. Decide what you want to say to your readers. How branded does the content need to be? Once we know what your goal is the process can start to evolve from a ‘wish-list’ of topics to an editorial plan, list of writers and table of contents. We will develop a content strategy and define direction and tone; provide turnkey services, including research, reporting, copy-writing, copy editing, proofreading, and fact-checking. We then expedite the tracking of submissions and manage the editorial process.

Project Funding – Is a budget available or do you want a no-cost publication funded by commercial support?

    • Advertising Funded – Funding your publication by allowing paid advertising is a great solution because there’s no hard money cost to produce the product – the only cost is your time to review the publication before it is printed. A team of our skilled marketing professionals will be assigned to your publication and will successfully cover all production costs by securing financial support from organizations relevant to your audience. Not only does this mean there’s no cost to you, in addition your publication will be dramatically enhanced by the presence of other leading organizations.
    • Pay to Publish – Imagine your publication having an exclusive sponsor, i.e. your brand. The publication’s content is customized for your audience while at the same time delivering as little or as much branded content about your organization as is deemed appropriate. The project is costed out, an estimate provided to you, and then formalized in a publishing contract. Aside from the always variable costs of shipping, the price is fixed before work is begun.

Editorial Assignments – Writers are given their editorial assignments. We work with you to arrange interviews, assist with research, source archive images, etc.

Design/Production – Our skilled team of designers will translate your vision of a high-quality publication into reality

Approval and Review Process – Each article is seen and checked by at least three sets of eyes NOT including yours before going to press. You are given ample opportunity to review every letter, word, picture, and page so that you feel a complete sense of comfort and total satisfaction with the finished product.

Printing and Distribution – The publication is printed and circulated as per the agreed distribution plan.

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