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Faircount and the Defense Security Cooperation Agency sign magazine agreement.

TAMPA, Fla. — The Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) and Faircount Media Group have signed an agreement to produce an annual magazine to support the agency’s efforts to promote the acquisition of U.S. products overseas, educate its partners in the U.S. government on exactly what it does, and describe how it interacts with those partners.

The DSCA is most well known for being the government’s foreign military sales agency. The agency can help a foreign customer locate, source, and even finance the purchase of whatever arms or services it needs. Because the agency’s mission is so complex, there is a powerful need for a printed explanation that describes what the DSCA does and how foreign partners can buy American-made solutions.

Beginning in 2012, the publication will be delivered on a worldwide basis to Security Cooperation Officers (SCO) in the field. As an essential component of an SCO’s presentation, the magazine will explain how the DSCA can help its international customers with their security requirements. In addition to the SCO distribution, copies will be sent to DSCA personnel, defense security partners, military leadership of our allied and partner nations, and U.S. defense contractors.

To include your organization in this incredible program, call Damion Harte today. 813-675-3822 or email at damion.harte@faircount.com

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