Sundance Institute’s Magazine continues as ‘Radar’

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We are delighted to announce the continuation of a special publication for Sundance Institute, the nonprofit organization founded by Robert Redford. For the fourth annual edition, released in July 2014, the title of the publication will shift from “Inside Sundance Institute” to “Sundance Institute Radar” to emphasize the Institute’s role as a discovery engine for independent storytelling in film, theatre, and new media.

This perfect bound, high quality magazine format publication has been published annually since 2010 and has covered all aspects of the Institute’s programmatic work. In 2014, the piece will focus on the creativity, diversity, and artistry of the film, theatre, music, and new media artists that the Institute supports. Since 1981, Sundance Institute has evolved to become an internationally recognized nonprofit organization that actively advances the work of risk-taking storytellers worldwide. Originally founded by Robert Redford in the mountains of Sundance, Utah, Sundance Institute has always provided a space for independent artists to explore their stories free from commercial and political pressures. By providing year-round creative and financial support for the development of original stories for the screen and stage, Sundance Institute remains committed to its mission to discover and develop independent artists and audiences across the globe.

“Sundance Institute Radar” is distributed to the private residences of the Institute’s confidential list of benefactors, a Who’s Who of highly sought after, important supporters and donors. In addition, copies are circulated at the Sundance Institute’s signature events in Park City, New York, Los Angeles, and London.