Faircount Media Group

For more than 25 years, Faircount has served the world's most influential agencies, organizations and industries


Custom Publications

Since 1989 Faircount Media Group has been producing high quality, client-branded custom publications that our customers use as one of their key communications tools. Every organization has a different purpose and different customers, and recognizing that, we are flexible enough to work with any kind of client, small to large – business, government, sports, entertainment – whatever the need might be for a publication. Just look at our client list, we think you will be surprised by its variety. With offices in USA, UK and Australia, we are globally positioned to create a product you will be proud to call your own, and produce it in an efficient, smart and successful way.


Faircount’s conference and exhibition division has managed and presented high-profile events on behalf of numerous governments and international organizations and received many accolades for its innovative approach and the effectiveness of its operation. Recent events in which the company has been involved have been held in Brazil, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Switzerland, South Africa, Mexico, Turkey, and the United Kingdom.


Faircount develops and publishes websites that showcase high-quality content in the defense and infrastructure sectors.

Defense Media Network is the online repository for all of Faircount’s defense, homeland security, and veterans affairs and military medicine content. Faircount produces content for a broad scope of subjects and customers in the military from the Coast Guard, special operations, to homeland security and veterans affairs, to international partners: Defense Media Network centralizes all these important subject areas in one place.

World Ag Network is a website dedicated to the advancement of global agriculture objectives, delivering in-depth coverage of agriculture initiatives around the world. WorldAgNetwork.com provides insight into the people, programs, and technologies that will feed the world for decades to come. Born out of the success of Faircount Media Group’s publication U.S. Agriculture Outlook, WorldAgNetwork.com is designed to stimulate discussion and facilitate the exchange of public opinion amongst industry members to identify the current state and future challenges of agriculture and agribusiness around the globe.

Rebuilding the Nation is our Web portal for infrastructure content, news, and information in the Australasian market. The site expands upon issues discussed in Faircount’s print edition, Rebuilding The Nation: Australasia’s Infrastructure on the Move. The editorial content is developed, written, designed, and produced by a team of the best and most renowned writers in the transportation and construction industries.

Transforming the Nation’s Healthcare is a niche annual magazine and online news site delivering in-depth coverage of local, state and federal healthcare and aging projects and policy in Australia. Transforming the Nation’s Healthcare identifies the current state and future challenges of the healthcare sector in Australia. It is Australia’s unrivaled health title.